Top five features that will determine the location of your marketing event

(Unsplash/Andrew Neel)

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When you are waiting for an event to begin, you need to make tons of decisions that include the location of the affair, quality of samples, the execution of the services and the cost of the soiree. One of the most popular methods of organizing an experiential marketing campaign is arranging for a food truck or a glass truck to do its rounds of the city's most happening locations that attract your target crowds. Selecting the best possible placements of your vehicles will depend on more than booking the first space you find on the square.

Choosing the right venue for any live event and activation idea depends on many factors. Today, we will visit the five most important aspects of experiential marketing that should dictate the placement of your dessert food truck.

The expected crowd

How big a group are you expecting? A beautiful setup can quickly turn into chaos without the correct planning and enough space. Instead of seeking out space in the park or the parking lot of a mall, if you set up your truck on a busy sidewalk, you might find it difficult to entertain the passersby. It can result in winding queues, chaotic crowds, and confusion that can harm brand image.

How much can you spare?

One of the deciding factors for any marketing event is its budget. No matter how many fantastic ideas you have and how elaborate they seem, executing them will require marketing resources. Booking the truck, pre-paying for the spot, hiring customer service experts and establishing market analysis tools can be expensive. The costs will determine the location to a significant degree.

The type of decor

How you decorate your pop-up store, shipping container shop and the food truck will also determine the location. If it is a brand that sells ice creams and waffles to children, you may want to dress your vehicle up in pop colors and candy hues that attract instant attention. However, the decor will also determine the placement since the presence of electronic appliances and tech-driven gadgets will require active power sources.

The equipment and facilities you require

Several brands use event applications and software technology. When you expect your target audience to use your application software, the least you can do is provide them with a dedicated network connection. That will again influence the choice of the location of your food truck and pop-up shop. Keeping the buying-and-selling log online will also help you track the revenue and the impressions your event generates in real time.

The policies of your chosen venue

Before you book a parking lot or the sidewalk in front of the busy city arcade, you need to find out about the arrangements of the site. That will include the terms and conditions of the rentals, the laws of traffic in the locality and the advance payment policies. In Addition to that, find out what you can about cancelation policies, power usage, and network setup regulations.

The way the event plays out will determine the persona of your brand. Do not forget to check the local compliance and rules for mobile stores before you shortlist the locations and plan the event details.