'Voltron' season 3 news: Showrunners discuss what's next after Shiro's disappearance; premiere date set in Fall 2017?

Promotional image for the Netflix animated series "Voltron: Legendary Defender" | Facebook/VoltronOfficial

After a successful run last month, "Voltron" might be launching its third season earlier than expected.

According to Den of Geek, the third season of Netflix's animated series is scheduled to premiere in September 2017. In addition, the network will be showcasing ten episodes of classic "Voltron" in March, along with more new content from season 2, which will hit the small screens before season 3 airs. The media outlet notes that there's still no word on what that additional content would be. Fans are also advised to take the report with a grain of salt until Netflix officially confirms it.

Released in 2016, "Voltron" follows a group of space pilots (Shiro, Keith, Lance, Pidge, and Hunk) who discover the Blue Lion, which gets them involved in the Galran War. When they cross paths with Princess Allura and become the next Paladins, the pilots reunite the five lions to form Voltron. Together, the five main characters set out on a mission to fight against Emperor Zarkon, with the hopes of defeating the Galra Empire once and for all.

Season 2 wrapped up in January with a victory, but the finale also saw Shiro disappear from his black lion. Based on previous "Voltron" lore and fan theories, it is believed that Allura will step up and serve as the black lion pilot.

Showrunners Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery recently caught up with IGN, and they discussed their future plans for the show. While some fan theories about season 3 are valid, Dos Santos said they still want to keep details under wraps.

"I think we love the fact that there are just theories that are rumbling around right now, because to some extent, all of them completely valid," he explained. "We don't know. We like that mystery kind of hanging out there," he added.

After Zarkon went down in the finale, fans believe that Prince Lotor will be the new villain. Although it's possible that he steps in to be the big bad, Montgomery hinted that a bigger enemy might be introduced.

"Having Zarkon out of the running might open the doors for other ambitious Galra to step up," she said, adding, "You've got Lotor from the blood heir, but that doesn't mean he's the only one at play here."