'Stranger Things' season 2 spoilers: David Harbour shares some details on season 2

A promotional image for "Stranger Things" | Facebook/StrangerThingsTV

When the first season of Netflix's surprise hit "Stranger Things" ended, fans got the ominous feeling that Will (Noah Schnapp) wasn't safe yet. Fans know that Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is going to come back next season, but show creators Matt and Ross Duffer have been keeping next season's plot under wraps for now. Fortunately, David Harbour, the actor playing Jim Hopper, was more than willing to share some details during a panel at the Fan2Sea Comic-con cruise last week.

According to HollywoodLife, Harbour talked about what to expect in season 2 and he said there were still people who didn't know what happened to Will in the first season.

"It's a year later in the story, so there are several things that happened last year, like Will has come back. There are certain people in the town that know what happened, and then certain people that don't know what happened. So there's a lot of fall out with who knows what," he stated.

Harbour also revealed that "The Lord of the Rings" star Sean Astin is going to portray Joyce's (Winona Ryder) boyfriend this season. Sounds like there's going to be a love triangle between Joyce, Hopper, and Astin's character in season 2.

Harbour confirmed that Barb (Shannon Purser) will not be coming back for the dead, but she's not forgotten. "The question and the feelings that Nancy has that no one ever cares about her friend Barb, are very much present in the beginning of the season," he said.

Meanwhile, the Duffer brothers recently told Vulture that the show was originally going to be more violent. Matt said the pilot was "originally like an R-rated thing," and Ross also revealed that Eleven was going supposed to be this brutal protagonist who has no qualms about murdering people. Joyce was also a supposed to be a foul-mouthed character, but the creators thought they need to tone it down a bit.

"Stranger Things" season 2 will premiere sometime this year.