'Star Wars Battlefront 2,' untitled 'Star Wars' game latest news: Trailers for upcoming titles to be released in April

A promotional image for "Star Wars Battlefront" | Electronic Arts/Star Wars

Star Wars Celebration is expected to serve as the launching ground for two games that are to be added to the franchise: "Star Wars Battlefront 2" and a yet-to-be-named game from Visceral Games.

The information came from Jordan Maison, the editor-in-chief of Cinelinx, on Twitter.

Jeremy Conrad of Furious Fanboys replied to one of Maison's tweets, saying that he was also informed by sources that what will be shown on Star Wars Celebration is the singleplayer mode of "Star Wars Battlefront 2," as the game's producers will be saving footage for its multiplayer mode for E3.

"Star Wars Battlefront 2" will be the first game in the title to have a singleplayer campaign mode. Its predecessor's lack of such feature has led to the original title being criticized by fans.

Since no trailers and teasers have been released about "Star Wars Battlefront 2," fans remain clueless regarding its gameplay. However, Blake Jorgensen, the head of Electronic Arts, gave the assurance that it will be on par with known shooter games such as "Call of Duty." He also said that the company has addressed the complaints made about "Star Wars Battlefront" to improve its sequel.

Meanwhile, little information has been revealed about the game from Visceral Games — only that it is about Star Wars, it is story-driven, and that the company has been working on it for years.

Aside from the trailers of both games, a teaser for "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" is also expected to be launched at Star Wars Celebration Orlando.

"Star Wars Battlefront 2" will be released in November or December this year. It will be playable on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Visceral Games' "Star Wars" title has no release date announce as of the moment, although it is expected to roll out within 2017.

Star Wars Celebration Orlando will be held in Orlando, Florida from April 13 to 16.