'Sleepy Hollow' season 4 episode 7 spoilers: A demon goes after Molly in 'Loco Parentis'

The new Witness, Molly (Oona Yaffe) is in danger in the next episode of “Sleepy Hollow.” | YouTube/FOX

At this point in the season, the only clear indications that Molly (Oona Yaffe) is the new Witness are her ability to see cryptic visions and her uncanny knack for bringing fellow witness Ichabod (Tom Mison) out of a trance. Will other abilities manifest themselves when a demon goes after her in the next episode of "Sleepy Hollow?"

In the episode Titled "Loco Parentis," Team Witness will be gearing up for Molly's 11th birthday, but things could get complicated when the girl's father shows up, having just returned from duty, and causes Diana (Janina Gavankar) to wonder if her ex-boyfriend might be ready to become a part of their daughter's life full-time.

While Diana ponders over this, the rest of the team will stumble upon a shocking realization. Could this realization have something to do with Molly running scared in the woods as shown in the trailer for the upcoming episode?

Apparently, the new Witness is a rather curious sort, as is normal for kids her age, and she has, therefore, gone out on her own to try and understand what being a Witness means. Unfortunately, Witnesses also attract demons, and when one catches sight of her, it chases her into a nook in the woods, which may not hold out for long. Will Diana and Ichabod make it in time to save Molly, or is Ichabod about to lose another Witness?

And if and when Molly does survive, how will this experience change her view of her new life? Will she be cowering in her room for the rest of her life, or will this experience serve to inspire her more to settle into her new role? Moreover, how will her father's return affect her life and her relationship with her mom?

The previous episode has also re-introduced another threat in the form of tech billionaire Malcolm (Jeremy Davies), whose newfound immortality combined with his evil nature may well pose the biggest bump in the road for Ichabod and his team.

"Sleepy Hollow" season 4 episode 7 airs on Friday, Feb. 17, at 9 p.m. EST on FOX.