'Shameless' season 8 premiere date, plot news: Will Mickey return for Ian? Fiona to have more lousy relationships

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Mickey (Noel Fisher) was last seen crossing the border to Mexico, leaving Ian (Cameron Monaghan) behind, but season 8 might see Mickey's return. Meanwhile, Emmy Rossum's Fiona can be expected to have more unfulfilling relationships next season.

"Shameless" was renewed for an eighth season last December, while ending season 7 with the death of the Gallagher matriarch, Monica (Chloe Webb). However, the show didn't end on a totally closed chapter, as Monica gave her kids bags of meth as inheritance, opening the door to more mishaps for the Gallagher family.

What Frank (William H. Macy) and the rest of the family will do with their bags of meth is expected to be revealed in "Shameless" season 8, except for Fiona because she dumped hers into Monica's casket before it was buried.

It is speculated that "Shameless" season 8 will see the return of Mickey.

Mickey and Ian had a bittersweet ending, where Mickey had to leave Ian and crossover to Mexico after escaping prison. However, according to Fisher, there is still a possibility that the two will get back together.

"It's left open, and I don't think anything would prevent them from living happily ever after if that's what would be best for the characters," Fisher explained to The Hollywood Reporter.

The actor added that all it will take is for Ian to reach out to Mickey for him to come back. "No matter what, if Ian ever found himself in trouble, if Ian ever reached out for help, Mickey would be there in a heartbeat. He would find a way," Fisher said.

Ian may have found his true love with Mickey, but it appears that Fiona still has a lot of disappointing relationships to go through.

In a previous interview with TVLine, showrunner Krista Vernoff revealed that the writers are still exploring Fiona's string of relationships because none of them ever had a great relationship when they were Fiona's age.

So even if Fiona is successful in terms of business, a heartbreaking relationship is not far off the horizon for her in season 8.

"Shameless" season 8 is anticipated to premiere this 2017.