'One Piece' chapters 856, 857 spoilers: Jinbe reveals another plot that threatens upcoming wedding

A screenshot of Sanji Vinsmoke from the anime adaptation of "One Piece." | YouTube/Toei Animation

For the first time in a very long time, Sanji was finally able to express his honest feelings in the most recent chapter of the long-running manga series "One Piece."

"I wanna go back home to Sunny!" was what he said between snot and tears when his captain, Luffy, told him to quit it with the excuses and just say how he truly felt. Now that they've finally reconciled with a plan to wreck the upcoming wedding, chapter 857 may just turn Whole Cake Island into one huge battlefield of chaos, death, and unexpected betrayals.

The next chapter is also expected to reveal a new plot that threatens to turn the Sanji–Pudding wedding into a bloodbath. Jinbe opened the topic to everyone in the Mirror World, but he is not yet able to fully tell them about it. It concerns a plan that almost killed Pekoms, had Jinbe not been there to intercept the mink's death. He assures the Straw Hats and Pedro that Pekoms is okay, but they themselves may not be if they don't hasten and come up with a plan to stop the wedding.

What could this plan be, and who's behind it? Does it have anything to do with Bobbin getting shot by three shadowy figures in the subsequent panels?

Something big and deadly is about to go down, and fans are speculating that the series could be building up to an explosive climax steeped in double-crossing plots and shocking twists.

On top of it all, the Vinsmokes remain unaware of Big Mom's plot, and they may well be attending their own funerals come the morning of the supposed wedding. But there is still time for Sanji and Luffy to go back to the castle and warn them, although whether or not they will listen is another thing. Will the Straw Hats and Vinsmokes ever be able to move past their differences and work together to bring Big Mom down? Fans have also been speculating that Capone may have finally reached the island and is about to mount an attack of his own.

"One Piece" will be on break next week, but a brand new chapter will surely be out on the "Weekly Shounen Jump" magazine the following week.

In other news, fans of the manga series may have just figured out who is going to write the anticipated Ace spin-off novel via an image of the "One Piece" editor's desktop shared online. Rumor has it that the writer Ryohgo Narita may be the person tapped to work on the said project expected to come out this year as part of the manga series' 20th-anniversary celebrations. Narita's popular works included "Durarara!!" and "Baccano." He has also done some work for famous franchises like "Bleach."