Microsoft Surface Pro 5 launch date, specs rumors: Intel processor to be replaced with AMD Ryzen?

Shown in the image is a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with accessories | Wikimedia Commons/Sinchen Lin

The new Microsoft Surface Pro is expected to carry the latest Intel Kaby Lake processor chip, but there are rumors that it might be replaced with one of AMD's new architecture chips. Meanwhile, there is a possibility that Microsoft will launch a series of Surface Pros instead of only one model.

Patrons of the Surface Pro laptops are eager for the next update since Microsoft's last release was back in 2015 with the Surface Pro 4. This update even received bad reviews due to its problem with battery life.

Though Microsoft addressed the concerns with the Surface Pro 4 regarding battery life through the use of a software fix, it is expected that the new Surface Pro will be upgraded to have the latest Intel Kaby Lake processor to avoid such problems.

However, although Intel's seventh generation Kaby Lake chip is currently the talk of the town, there are rumors that Microsoft will bypass it and use AMD's Ryzen instead in the new Surface Pro 5.

These rumors were sparked when a trailer for "Alien: Covenant" featured a Surface Pro device that had the description, "Intelligence powered by AMD, Ryzen and Radeon."

Although this might only be speculation, given that the film is sponsored by Intel's competitor, a new Microsoft Surface Pro powered by AMD's new Zen chip architecture will make it Microsoft's fastest device and it will be ahead of its competitors, Express reports.

Meanwhile, it is also possible that Microsoft will launch a new series of Microsoft Surface Pro devices instead of only one Surface Pro 5.

Based on the photo posted by a developer on Twitter, a wall in building 88 of Microsoft appears to be indicating that there will be more than one Surface Pro released this year due to the photo placements.

This was taken into consideration by the Microsoft community that a series of Surface Pro devices might be released carrying different processors, which include Kaby Lake and AMD. However, Microsoft has not made any confirmations yet regarding the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and its features.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is anticipated to be launched in late 2017.