'Jane the Virgin' season 3 episode 12 spoilers: Jane and the Marbella are in a tight pinch in 'Chapter Fifty-Six'

A screenshot from “Jane the Virgin.” | YouTube/The CW Television Network

Barely a week after Michael's shocking death, "Jane the Virgin" has presented its viewers with yet another surprise twist three years in the making.

The time jump has sure changed a lot of things for everyone, but not even the years could've prepared anyone for the sight of a skeletal corpse at what was supposedly the second happiest place in the world. On its official opening day, the Marbella, now rebranded into a kid-friendly hotel, organized a pirate treasure hunt event that led to one kid accidentally unearthing Scott's (Wes Armstrong) dead body in the sand.

On the upcoming "Chapter Fifty-Six," Petra (Yael Grobglas) will be hard at work doing damage control on the hotel's reputation. The situation may have also reignited Rafael's (Justin Baldoni) will to get involved in the management of Marbella again. The first thing on his to-do list is finding the perfect manager for the hotel lounge. Will the combined managerial forces of Rafael and Petra be enough to get the rebranded Marbella through its first hurdle? Will the mystery of Scott's death be solved in the episode, or will it be something that runs through to the end of the season?

The trailer for the next episode will also reveal just how toxic Jane's (Gina Rodriguez) work environment has turned out to be. But with a book deal in the cards, she's more than ready to quit her job and give her boss, Chloe (Maya Kazan), her two-week notice. However, it will prove to be harder than Jane would like to admit. And after trying and failing several times, she will have to step back and get to the root of the problem. Will she be able to tell Chloe the truth and subsequently file her resignation?

Rogelio (Jaime Camil) and Xo (Andrea Navedo) will also be facing another bump in their rekindled friendship when Xo finds out that Rogelio has been lying to everyone about something that may well involve the upcoming third season of his and Darci's (Justina Machado) reality TV show.

There are a lot in store for everyone in the upcoming episode of "Jane the Virgin," which will air on Monday, Feb. 20, at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.