iMac 2017 release date, specs rumors: Amazon, Best Buy offer iMacs on sale; is a VR-ready desktop coming in March?

A man inspects an Apple iMac at an electronics store in Mumbai, India, July 23, 2015. | Reuters/Danish Siddiqui

The iMac is currently on sale on the popular e-retail store, Amazon. Does this mean that an updated version of Apple's all-in-one computer is just around the corner?

Amazon is offering more than $100 discounts on both the 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac units. Apple fans can get the mid-range model with a 2.8GHz processor for only $1,188, which is $112 less than its regular retail price of $1,300. On the other hand, the e-retail giant is offering the 27-inch variant with a 3.2GHz processor and a 5K Retina display for only $1,879, chopping off $120 from the regular $1,999.

Additionally, Best Buy is offering an even better deal on the 21.5-inch entry-level model, with as much as 50% off from its regular retail price, according to Tom's Guide.

It is very rare for Apple itself to put their devices on sale. Its retail partners, however, would often deliver discounts either in a bid to boost demand or clear their inventory to make room for pending updates. And although it is not clear why iMacs are currently on sale in select online stores, the special offers have already led some fans to wonder if the much-anticipated iMac 2017 is coming soon.

Could KGI Security analyst Ming-Chi Kuo's prediction that a new iMac is coming sometime in March or April turn out to be true? There is still no way of telling for sure, just as confirmed details about the upcoming iMac upgrade remains elusive.

Recent rumors are hinting at the possibility of the new iMacs featuring AMD Radeon Polaris graphics chips, which means that Apple may be putting together a virtual reality-ready desktop computer.

This seems rather promising, especially since AMD's Roy Taylor confirmed during the VRLA Summer Expo last year that the shrink to 14nm with the Polaris graphics chips has been completed.

"This means we can produce GPUs that will run the minimum spec of VR at a lower cost, in larger volume, consuming less power and running faster," Taylor said. This would also mean that come the second half of 2017, more people will be able to use VR on their devices.

Of course, these are all just speculations at this point, and Apple has yet to release an official specs list for the iMac 2017.