'For Honor' news: Ubisoft clarifies issue regarding in-game items' cost

A promotional still for "For Honor" | Ubisoft/For Honor

The March content released for "For Honor" was met with outrage after it was discovered that players will need to spend a lot of real money or literally spend years to get all the gear, items, and animations that are available in-game. The game producer finally replied to this issue.

"We never had an intention for you to unlock everything in the game. For us, that doesn't really make any sense," said Game Director Damien Kieken on Ubisoft's Warrior's Den. He said they based the game on other role-playing games (RPGs) such as "World of Warcraft," wherein players are not expected to unlock all the items.

He said that most of the anger stems from Ubisoft's call to lock all items using the in-game currency, making the items harder to get. However, he stated that players can grind to generate the Steel needed to get the items and animations they want. He also explained that the money players spend to in buying in-game items go to the "For Honor" Live team, which is responsible for producing new content in the game, including maps and heroes.

"We don't expect a player to buy everything. We just expect them to buy the items they want, right away," he said. "The cosmetic items... For us, are endgame content," he added. He also said that more items will be added to the game later on.

A Reddit user made the necessary computations and discovered that collecting all items will mean that players need to get nearly 1.7 million Steel, the in-game currency, to collect all the in-game items, which, in turn, will entail playing for 3.76 years or spending over $700 just to unlock the available items. Far from being appeased with the response, players, at least those in Reddit, have become even more frustrated with the situation.

In other news, another update will be arriving soon for "For Honor." This is intended to correct some bugs and incorporate minor improvements in the game. The exact of when the patch rolls out has not been revealed yet.