'Emerald City' season 1 episode 8 spoilers: Oz gears up for war as Dorothy fights for her life

A screenshot from the "Emerald City" promo video for the episode titled "The Witches Will Rise" | YouTube/Emerald City

Oppression breeds rebellion, and rebellion always leads to war. When the witches of Oz finally decide they have had enough of The Wizard's (Vincent D'Onofrio) oppressive rule, does science stand a chance against the strongest cardinal magic?

Everybody's gearing up and taking sides in the next episode of NBC's new fantasy series "Emerald City." Glinda (Joely Richardson) will finally be able to reclaim something she has been searching for. Could this be the magic that Dorothy (Adria Arjona) has somehow "inherited" when she indirectly caused the death of the cardinal witch, East (Florence Kasumba)? Does Dorothy stand to lose her magical gauntlets, which are her only chance of ever coming back home to Kansas in one piece?

The episode titled "Lions In Winter" will also feature The Wizard's trip to the Kingdom of Ev to check up on the alliance he tried to build with the new queen, Langwidere (Stefanie Martini). Did the shrewd young ruler of Ev decide to side with The Wizard despite her resentment for him?

Also in the Kingdom of Ev, Jack (Gerran Howell) will be struggling to find his place in the young queen's life after that intimate moment they shared in the previous episode. But can a guy who's half-flesh and half-metal stand beside royalty without causing a stir?

The trailer for the next episode also shows West (Ana Ularu) mounting her own plan of attack against The Wizard by calling on the coven of witches hiding in the forest. Will she finally be able to uncover Tip's (Jordan Loughran) identity as the true heir to the throne of Oz who is determined to help the long lost Princess Ozma reclaim her birthright?

Also, after settling back into his real identity as Rowan, one of Glinda's loyal allies, the man Dorothy knows as Lucas will be contemplating to kill her in order to set his heart free. As to what Glinda means by giving him this directive will be revealed when the next episode of "Emerald City" airs on Friday, Feb. 17, at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.