'Chicago Fire' season 5 episode 15 spoilers: Firehouse 51 responds to major establishment fire; NBC stages four-way 'Chicago' crossover

Promotional banner for the NBC series, “Chicago Fire” | Facebook/NBCChicagoFire

Firehouse 51 responds to a crime scene where a harrowing fire endangers the lives of many civilians, including a member of the "Chicago" family on the upcoming episode of "Chicago Fire" season 5.

Titled "Deathtrap," this week's episode will feature an epic "Chicago" three-way crossover. According to the official synopsis, truck and squad are called to help in a huge city-wide response after an old and ill-equipped factory immediately turns into a firestorm. Countless of unsuspecting victims are trapped in the establishment, leading all the units to be dispatched to the area.

The situation becomes personal for the responders when it is revealed that a "Chicago P.D." officer's family is at the scene. The nurses and doctors of "Chicago Med" are tested when the rescued victims in serious need of medical assistance flock to the hospital. After the fire, the building owner cooperates with the police to help find answers. The situation takes a surprising turn when the police gather more pieces of evidence.

The network released a new promo for episode 15, and it shows the different "Chicago" departments helping each other as they all try to save everyone in the fire. Aside from the three shows, the episode will also include NBC's upcoming addition to Dick Wolf's franchise called "Chicago Justice." "Our city and our people is stronger when we come together," a person tells the press at the firehouse.

In a special sneak peek from TV Guide, it is revealed that Olinsky's (Elias Koteas) daughter is inside the burning building. The footage shows Olinsky begging Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) to send his guys back into the area to rescue his daughter, Lexi. Despite being a risky call, Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Casey (Jesse Spencer) are determined to sacrifice their lives in the hopes of rescuing more people.

The fifth season of "Chicago Fire" airs every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.