'Battlefield 1' news: Upcoming DLC features 'Dark Souls' easter egg; first look at new maps revealed

A promotional image for the "They Shall Not Pass" DLC for "Battlefield 1" | Electronic Arts

The first expansion pack for "Battlefield 1" arrives next month, introducing new environments, weapons, and extra content for players to enjoy. Ahead of its release, brand new teaser videos featuring the upcoming maps have been revealed.

According to reports, the "They Shall Not Pass" expansion will showcase two maps called Fort de Vaux and Rupture. The clip uploaded by YouTube user Westie gives fans a first look at the interesting locations, along with some of the weapons included in the DLC. While Rupture appears to have a more stunning visual quality to it, Forte de Vaux is also something fans should look forward to. The latter was briefly made accessible in Operations mode, and the trailer shows how the Lebel bolt-action rifle works during a match.

Aside from new locations, weapons, and additional goodies, the next DLC also includes a "Dark Souls" easter egg. Gamezone points out that fans of the hit franchise will notice the shooter's version of the Bonfires, the checkpoints/saving points of "Dark Souls." Although the easter egg can easily be seen by most players, it is not placed in an obvious spot, and some fans might miss it.

For people who want to check out the easter egg, they must go outside of the Rupture map and look at the area closely. Players who reach the Bonfire are rewarded with the Bonfire sword. It can be used as a melee weapon until a player dies, but unfortunately, players won't respawn at the same location. It's also worth noting that the sword will no longer be in the arsenal after the character's death.

DICE will be releasing the DLC in March, but an exact launch date has yet to be confirmed. "They Shall Not Pass" also adds a new mode called Frontlines, the French army, and a Char 2C tank which is inspired by a real tank.

Developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts, "Battlefield 1" is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows PC.