AMD Ryzen 5 release date, specs news, updates: Ryzen 5 series to be launched in April, expected to dominate the market this year

Promotional banner for AMD Ryzen | Facebook/AMD

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) will be releasing the Ryzen 5 series which is anticipated to grab more customers from Intel's market. These processors are also expected to be cheaper and faster than its competitors, making it more a highly competitive product to look out for.

AMD's Ryzen 5 lineup consists of two quad-core and two six-core processors, each with a base frequency of 3.2 GHz or higher, and a boost frequency of up to 3.6 GHz or beyond, Techspot confirmed.

One of the advantages that the Ryzen 5 has over its competitors, especially with Intel, is that it comes with two more cores and that it has SMT support. However, the Ryzen 5 quad-core processors have two cores disabled per CCX, while the six-core units have only one core disabled.

CNBC announced that investors should dive into AMD shares because of their anticipated increase in earnings due to the Ryzen 5 series.

Analyst Mark Lipacis shared: "We increase our sales estimates with better visibility into AMD's Ryzen 7 high performance and Ryzen 5 power-performance desktop processor launch. We think AMD's ability to price between-the-seams while achieving competitive performance will result in meaningful share gains from INTC in the Desktop, Server, and Notebook markets starting in 2017."

Only months before AMD scheduled to release its new processor lineup, their market shares have already increased four times its current growth rate.

Forbes also notes that AMD's Ryzen 5 processors are not only faster than Intel processors, but they are also cheaper. The Ryzen 5 price range starts at $169 for its entry level quad-core processor, and it reaches up to $249 for the series' high-end six-core unit.

It seems that AMD has bagged 2017 in terms of market share, but it is possible that Intel is already working on a unit series that can counter the Ryzen 5.

AMD's Ryzen 5 series will be launched on Tuesday, April 11.