Facebook blocks crowdfunding page for upcoming pro-life movie about Roe v. Wade

Electronic cables are silhouetted next to the logo of Facebook in this September 23, 2014 illustration photo in Sarajevo. | Reuters/Dado Ruvic

Social media giant Facebook has reportedly blocked the crowdfunding site of a planned pro-life movie about the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion across the U.S.

Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight and actor/producer Nick Loeb have teamed-up for a new project called "Roe v. Wade: The Movie," which has been described as "the first movie ever about the true story" of the controversial Supreme Court case.

Loeb told World Net Daily (WND) that he suspects that the crowdfunding page for the movie was blocked because of its pro-life message. "They have even blocked people sharing the ads I paid for. This is stealing or fraud," Loeb said, adding that he and his colleagues are looking for a lawyer to take on the case.

Alveda King, a niece of Martin Luther King Jr. and the head of the group Civil Rights for the Unborn, will be serving as the executive producer, while Voight would be portraying a Supreme Court justice in the film.

The film's Indiegogo crowdfunding page describes it as "the real untold story of how people lied; how the media lied; and how the courts were manipulated to pass a law that has since killed over 60 million Americans."

"Many documentaries have been made, but no one has had the courage to make an actual feature film, a theatrical movie about the true story," it went on to say.

WND reported that the movie opens with Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger speaking about an initiative aimed at reducing the growth of African-American population in the U.S.

The film also tells the story of abortionist Bernard Nathanson as he joins with famed feminist-activist Betty Friedan and Planned Parenthood to recruit Norma McCorvey, who became known as "Jane Roe" in the Supreme Court case.

With the help of new sonogram technology, Nathanson later "realizes he is killing babies" and becomes a leading activist in the pro-life movement. McCorvey also has a change of heart and ultimately becomes a pro-life advocate.

The producers of the film said that 10 percent of the net proceeds will be donated to pro-life organizations.

Facebook has not responded to a request for comment regarding its reasons for blocking the film's crowdfunding page.

The social media giant has drawn controversy in 2016 after some of its workers reportedly admitted that they suppressed conservative news stories in favor of liberal ones.

In 2015, Facebook refused to allow the pro-life group Live Action to advertise a news story because "the image or video thumbnail may shock or evoke a negative response from viewers." The image in question reportedly featured baby Eli Thompson who was born without a nose.