NBA trade rumors: Minnesota Timberwolves looking to trade Ricky Rubio and Shabazz Muhammad; Carmelo Anthony on his no-trade clause

The Timberwolves are pushing trade with their point guard Ricky Rubio along with Shabazz Muhammad. Meanwhile, New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony speaks up about his value on the team.

Sporting News reported that the Minnesota Timberwolves are looking to trade Rubio and Muhammad to several other teams. In return, they were hoping to be given a bridge guard that can back up their rookie, Kris Dunn.

The Sacramento Kings expressed "strong interest" to attain Rubio for their team, but it appears that the Minnesota Timberwolves wanted a better offer than what the Kings presented.

Rubio is currently making $13.5 million for the season, and this will rise up to a $29 million deal up to 2019. The Timberwolves point guard is averaging 7.6 points, 7.9 assists, and four rebounds per game. Rubio is also 34th in point guard rankings, with a player efficiency rating of 14.40.

Rubio is said to be producing the highest amount of money among the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Meanwhile, ESPN reported that New York Knicks president Phil Jackson approached Carmelo Anthony and asked if he would still like to play for his team. According to the site's source, Anthony expressed his desire to continue playing for the New York Knicks.

The meeting between Jackson and Anthony is based on how the Knicks player reacted to a critical column written by the Knicks president's close friend, Charley Rosen.

Anthony has a no-trade clause and is still loyal to the New York Knicks, but talks have been spreading that it is better for the player to separate from the said team.

Rosen implied on the column that Anthony is no longer valuable to the New York Knicks, and Anthony explained, "If that's the case, if that's where it's coming from, that side, I guess it's a conversation we should have. If they feel my time in New York is over, I guess that's a conversation we should have."

It is speculated that Anthony's no-trade clause will be changed if the New York Knicks' forward decide to leave the team and be traded with another.