Michael Schumacher health condition, latest news: Schumacher's manager frustrated over family's silence; sponsors start backing out

A dedication photo for Michael Schumacher on his official Facebook page | Facebook/MichaelSchumacherofficial

Michael Schumacher's manager of 20 years expressed his frustration over his protégé and his family being non-responsive in his attempts to remain in contact with them. Sponsors of the F1 legend has begun to pull out of their agreements since the unfortunate accident.

It has been over three years since Michael Schumacher had his skiing accident in the French Alps that resulted in serious injuries. The Schumacher family has decided since then to keep Michael's health condition private, which has been finalized by a judge when they sued a German magazine for releasing false details about Michael's progress.

But Michael's manager, Willi Webber, expressed his frustration over the family keeping matters private even to him.

"The Schumacher family seems to be afraid of me. I sent the family flowers and cards for his birthday but I got no answer. That makes me sad," said Webber.

He added, "There seems to be the fear that I would disclose something about Michael's condition but I would never do that. I would even sign a non-disclosure agreement," Express reported.

Webber pointed out that the Schumachers might be hiding something from the fans, to whom they should be honest with the F1 legend's health condition.

However, Webber remains hopeful that Schumacher will fully recover from all of his injuries and that someday his protégé will call him as if nothing changed.

Meanwhile, sponsors of the F1 legend are starting to pull out since his unfortunate accident.

Audemars Piguet and Hormann — two major sponsors — have left Michael Schumacher's bandwagon, the Daily Star confirmed from Maguino do Esporte. But a few others have left sponsoring Schumacher earlier, such as Jet Set, Navyboot, Rosbacher, and Erlinyou.

In addition, some of his other sponsors have asked for "a reduction" in the amount agreed to be given to Michael Schumacher.

There are still no updates regarding Schumacher's condition.