Jeremy Lin news: former New York Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni talks about former player's injury woes

Jeremy Lin during his Linsanity stint with the New York Knicks | Reuters/Adam Hunger

Brooklyn Nets' newly recruited point guard, Jeremy Lin, continues to be sidelined as he nurses a recurring hamstring injury. But despite this, the Barclays Center in New York did not necessarily miss his presence including former coach Mike D'Antoni as the arena was filled with his bobblehead.

In light of the Nets' celebrating the Taiwanese culture with Lin being the National Basketball Association's (NBA) first American-born player of Chinese or Taiwanese descent, 10,000 of his bobbleheads were given away during the team's match with the Houston Rockets.

Then New York Knicks now Rockets' coach D'Antoni was actually Lin's team mentor during his "Linsanity" days which marks the two's some kind of a reunion in New York but with different circumstances. Interestingly, the Nets' current coach, Kenny Atkinson, was also part of that Knicks era servicing D'Antoni as one of his assistants.

Given this, D'Antoni went a little bit nostalgic telling "As a coach, it was fun doing it. I was really proud of him and what he's done. And it couldn't happen to a better person. That's why you coach, for moments like that, people like him," as he reminisced about his great times with Lin.

However, it also did not miss him to address his former player and his team's woes as Lin is suffering from injury thus far in the season. The Nets' 137–112 loss to the Rockets only made it worse as the New York team now has fallen to the worst record in the NBA.

"That's your brains," D'Antoni said referring to Lin's absence. "He's the one that's going to be your motor. When he's not out there, it makes it tough. The league is all about injuries. If you stay injury free and be a good team, you have a chance, only a chance. If you're injured and you're not that good a team, you have no chance."

Despite the predicament, the 28-year-old remains optimistic about his chances of suiting up sooner than later. In a recent CCTV NBA Prime Time that was picked up by The New York Post, Lin provided some insights into his injury.

"It's progressing gradually," Lin said of his recuperation. "I think the recovery is faster than last time."

The Brooklyn Nets will face the Toronto Raptors next tomorrow, 7:30 p.m. ET still in Barclays Center.