Conor McGregor UFC news 2017: Dana White says Mayweather will accept his offer soon

Floyd Mayweather Jr. speaks during a news conference at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Sept. 9, 2015. | Reuters/Las VegasSun/Steve Marcus

A bout involving undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. usually involves a lot of money. So, when Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White offered him $25 million to step on the ring UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor, Mayweather naturally thought it was ridiculous. After all, this is a boxer who has made much more than that in his previous fights before he retired.

However, White seemed confident that Mayweather would accept the offer. In an interview with TMZ Sports (transcribed by Bloody Elbow), the UFC boss said that the boxer's money was going to run out soon and he would have to accept the offer if he wants to continue living his extravagant lifestyle.

"We all know $25 million isn't peanuts and so does he. He's hanging his watch out the window, his watch is the problem. When you're wearing a watch that is $250,000 you're going to need $25 million real quick, pal," he stated.

During the interview, White also claimed that Mayweather's not a bigger draw than McGregor, so he's not going to pay the boxer more than he pays his own fighter. "Conor has been around for three or four years. For him to think that he's a much bigger star than Conor isn't true. I'm not going to pay him way more money than I'm going to pay my guy," he said.

If Mayweather doesn't want to take the offer, White said there were already a number of fighters lining up to fight McGregor. And he's not wrong. A number of lighter weight fighters in the UFC can't wait to get their hands on the Irishman, so it's not like he's begging for a fight. However, no one can deny that a bout with Mayweather is going to huge.

Fight fans want this bout to happen, however, the two sides will have to reach an agreement first before anything can take place.