Pastor says witchcraft is working against Donald Trump

John A Kilpatrick | (Facebook)

A self-styled Assemblies of God prophet in Alabama warned his congregation Sunday that President Donald Trump is being attacked by strong forces of witchcraft and he doesn't see him surviving.

"I don't know if you know this. And I don't know if you gon' believe me when I tell you this, but what's happening right now in America is witchcraft trying to take this country over. It's witchcraft," the Rev. John A. Kilpatrick told his congregation at Church of His Presence in Daphne, Alabama, on Sunday. "It's trying to take America back over. And I want to tell you something else. I am not being political but I don't see how President Trump bears up under it."

In his revelations to his congregation on Sunday, Kilpatrick urged them repeatedly to "keep your eye on the news" and make sure he didn't have to call them to tell them to pray for the president.

"He's as strong as I have ever seen a man be. But here's what the Holy Spirit said to me last night and here's what He said for me to tell you. He said tell the Church that so far Trump has been dealing with Ahab but Jezebel is fixing to step out from the shadows. That's what the Lord said to me," Kilpatrick explained.

"Last night when the Lord gave me this about the witchcraft, the Lord said He's been dealing with this but He said pray for him now, because He said there's about to be a shift and the deep state is about to manifest and it's going to be a showdown like you can't believe. So I'm coming to you as a prophet. As a man of God and I'm telling you it's time to pray for the president," he said to applause.

As he began explaining how witchcraft took Elijah out of power, Kilpatrick said he heard from the Lord during the sermon.

"Oh my God! I heard the Lord say there is gonna be an attempt to take him out of power," he said of the president.

He then told the church to stand and pray and began praying in tongues.

"We gotta pray for this man," he said. "God make him bold, make him strong. ... Flush out every witchcraft spirit, flush it out Lord, flush it out. Flush it out in the open. Let's see who it is. ... Lord we pray for his wife. We pray for Melania. We pray for his children. We pray for all of his family. There is a lot in the balance Lord. Make this man like a Moses. Unintimidated."

Kilpatrick told his congregation that his revelations about the president has nothing to do with politics but a "battle for the soul of America."

"It's almost like a stupor has come over America. It's like no matter what's reported on the news, no matter what's discussed on panels, it's just not sinking in. It's not sinking in. Lord remove the veil. Lift the veil. Let it begin to soak into this nation. There's a battle for the soul of America. Lord I ask in Jesus name expose those shadow spirits. Expose who the shadow government is. Snatch the curtain up Lord. Then America will really be free. Then the church will not be contained anymore. ... Lord snatch the curtain up in the name of Jesus Christ," he said.

"I'm not being political don't get me wrong because I see good and bad in all of it trust me. But it's almost like Trump is going in and trying to take America by the hand and say, 'we can be great again' and they're trying to trip him every time he moves. God help this man," he said closing his eyes and stretching his hand in faith."

This article was originally published in The Christian Post and is re-published here with permission