'Days of Our Lives' spoilers: NBC to discontinue show to make way for Megyn Kelly?

After 51 years of airing, American daily soap "Days of Our Lives" might come to an end as rumors persist that the show is about to see the last of its days to give way to Megyn Kelly's new shows.

According to PEOPLE, a source connected to the drama TV series revealed that several cast members have been notified that the show will no longer be a TV staple in 2018. It was also revealed that the show has been renewed on an annual basis for some time now, but the current contract lasts up to 2017 only.

A screen capture from NBC's "Days of Our Lives" | NBC

With FOX star news anchor Kelly having been announced to make a move to NBC, rumors are rife that "Days" will be axed to make room for one of the three shows offered by NBC to Kelly. The soap airs daily from 1 to 2 p.m., which is easily a highly-coveted spot for a daytime talk show.

"Days of Our Lives" is currently one of the longest standing scripted TV shows in the world, having graced small screens daily since 1965. The show recently celebrated its 51st anniversary.

Meanwhile, an insider told PEOPLE that things have not been firmed up as far as what Kelly will do at NBC. "Nobody knows when Megyn starts, " the source told the publication, adding, "She is still under contract at Fox until July, then she has a six-month non-compete [clause]."

NBC News chairman Andrew Lack reportedly offered Kelly three potential roles — a chance to be involved in the network's programming, Sunday night news program, and host her own daytime talk show.

Such was reiterated by Kelly in a Facebook message, where Kelly mentioned that she will be launching a new daytime show for five days a week, hosting a Sunday evening news magazine program, and participating in NBC's coverage of breaking news.