Ravi Zacharias bids 'preliminary' goodbye to Nabeel Qureshi following unfavorable news about his cancer

Nabeel Qureshi appears in a screen capture of a video in which he prays to God to heal his cancer. | YouTube/NQMinistries

Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias has revealed that he and his ministry team had recently visited best-selling author Nabeel Qureshi to say their "preliminary goodbyes," following an announcement that there is little hope for a cure for his stomach cancer.

Qureshi, who served as a speaker for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM), was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer last year and was given only about a four percent chance of surviving the next five years.

In a recent YouTube video blog, the author said that the latest test results indicated that the attempts to treat the cancer "didn't work too well."

Zacharias noted in a blog post on RZIM's website that Qureshi was with him when he recently spoke in Malaysia. When they returned from the trip, Qureshi asked him if he could attend the RZIM annual itinerant team meeting.

"I was torn by the request because with each passing day, he was hanging on by a more slender thread," Zacharias wrote.

"The last thing I wanted to happen was for his final breath to be taken while he was away from his precious wife and daughter. But he was confident he would be fine to make the trip," he continued.

During the meeting, Qureshi told the ministry team that the doctors have given up hope in treating his stomach cancer and that there will be no surgical intervention.

"Thank you. I love you all and if I have hurt anyone, I ask for forgiveness. Most important, my faith is stronger than ever in my Savior and whatever lies ahead, I will take it as God's will. You will probably not see me speaking in public anymore and I bid you all goodbye," Qureshi was quoted as saying.

Despite Qureshi's announcement, Zacharias contended that God is still able to heal him. The Christian apologist noted that Qureshi has lived the same number of years as Jesus Christ when he was on Earth.

Zacharias assured Qureshi that he will be "freed to the joy of life" and be in a place where he will not encounter hatred or violence because he will be with God.

Qureshi, a former Ahmadiyya Muslim who converted to Christianity, has stated in his video blog that he and his family will keep praying and doing what they can. He said that he is willing to consider trying alternative treatments for cancer. He thanked everyone who has been praying for him and encouraged them to keep lifting him up in prayer.