Need an Indian visa? Do you know that the visa rules are applicable to minors as well?

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Are you planning to travel to India? Have you started packing your bags and already chalked out a plan for the sightseeing? Well, of course, it is a joy to visit India and enjoy your holidays but sadly traveling to this country is packed with hassles just like as it is with any other country. Moreover, India has so many tourists every year that it is very difficult to get the Indian Visa quickly. Even if you are planning for a short holiday, still you have to give an advance application for the Indian Visa. If you are a US citizen and planning to stay in India for more than two months or 60 days, you will need a number of visas to support your stay. Apart from just applying with the Indian Embassy or Indian consulate, there are several other options available for applications. E-visa has become one of the best facilities to obtain the visa. It saves a lot of time as well as money. All you need is to check out the official government sites because it is the only place where you can get authenticate visa without any chances of fraud.

In this post, we are going to discuss the problem that parents have to face with the children while applying for Indian Visa. As your reading this post, so I assume that you are curious to know about the Indian Visa requirements for adults and children. Basically, the requirements for Visa change according to the age and nationality of the dependents.

Get a passport and set for your trip!

In today's era, it is completely useless to say that you have to wait until your child turns 18 to see the beauty of India. You can just travel anywhere in the world, and all you need is just a passport to ensure that you are a legal tourist and avoid detention and other problems related to illegal stay. When it comes to the question of children, then it is needless to say that there are several government requirements that we need to consider before you even draw a plan to book a trip to this multi-diversified cultural land of India.

Visa and children

For the legal reasons, it is advisable to accompany their children while crossing a border and so is essential to remember that the surname in the passport should match properly to avoid any sort of confusion. If there is any kind of confusion in the passport, then it is necessary to ensure the legal documentation proving the status of the legal guardian of the children.

Paperwork and documentation for children

The question is what kind of paperwork is required? Well, there are no specific requirements as such to obtain the Indian Visa but the US parents of minors under the age of 18 years should carry their driver license, child's birth certificate where the nationality and names of the parents are mentioned as well as the passport information pages.

Now, you can see that the significant part is covered up. If this is your first trip abroad as a whole family, then both parents need to sign up the form, authorizing their children to leave the nation. The same visa application rules for tourists apply for the children, and there is the only exception with the signature. Minors less than five years are allowed to use their thumbprint in blue or black ink, and those over the age of 5 can use the signature. In both the cases, parents have to include their own signature followed by notarizing with the seal and stamp.

If you are wondering whether you can complete the entire process online, unfortunately, e-visa is yet not applicable to children. The parents need to take an appointment at the closest Indian consulate or Embassy in order to present the documents mentioned above and paperwork.

Hiring a travel agent can ease out the process

One can hire the service of an agency if he finds it difficult to undergo the paperwork. It is quite understandable that the documents and paperwork include a lot of hassle and is really time-consuming. There are a number of agencies that help people in getting Indian Visas for minors and adults. You don't have to worry about the charges because you can either go for the package system or simply just pay for the services you need to complete the Indian Visa documentation work. The best part is that you don't have to waste time in making an appointment with the Indian consulate or Embassy because most of the travel agencies or experts have their own connections with the consulates and embassies across the globe. It makes quite easy for the clients to apply for the Indian visas or any other visa within a short period of time. Getting an Indian visa for minors is a time-consuming matter and hiring a professional travel expert can actually ease out the entire process. Hence, you can easily get the visa approval within a short notice.